Our Story

  • Rowan is more than just a clothing brand. It's a love story that transcends generations, rooted in the belief that wisdom guides us towards a legacy that matters.

    Each garment we create is a physical reminder that every day counts, that our lives have purpose. We craft our pieces with the utmost care and attention to detail, using only the finest materials. The result is clothing that is rugged yet soft, luxurious yet responsibly made. Our garments are designed to be worn in, to bear the marks of your journey, and to become a part of your story. At the heart of Rowan lies a deep concern for the impact of fatherlessness on our society.

    We see the statistics - the increased risk of imprisonment, drug abuse, crime, and teen pregnancy - and we are compelled to act. We believe that actions speak louder than words, and so we've made it our mission to support and model healthy fatherhood, even if we aren't all fathers yet.

    In the end, all of us leave a trail behind. The words we speak, the actions we take, the way we live our lives - these are the footprints we leave for our children to follow.

    At Rowan, we ask ourselves: what will our sons and daughters remember of our character? This question drives everything we do. It's why we are committed to creating garments of the highest quality, pieces that will stand the test of time. It's why we are dedicated to conducting our business with integrity, to being responsible stewards of the resources we've been given.

    Most of all, it's why we view Rowan as so much more than just a clothing brand. For us, this is a legacy in the making. A love story that will span generations. A reminder that wisdom, purpose, and character are the true measures of a life well-lived.

Watch the story on how we began and why fatherhood is our mission.

  • All of us leave a trail behind.

    Our footprints.
    Our words.
    Our actions.

    Our sons and daughters will soon discover these things.

    But what will they remember of our character?

1% For Fatherhood

  • Rowan began as a conversation about fatherhood

    We asked ourselves: what did we want to
    leave behind and what kind of lessons did
    we want to teach?

    We wanted to create something that felt
    like a love letter from a father to a son.

    A time capsule.
  • Currently we are partnering with the National
    Fatherhood Initiative®. Since 1994, NFI has been
    working to create a world where every child has
    an involved, responsible, and committed father
    in their lives.

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