Our Story

  • All of us leave a trail behind.

    Our footprints.
    Our words.
    Our actions.

    Our sons and daughters
    will soon discover these things.

    But what will they remember
    of our character?

  • Rowan represents legacy and lineage
    on a visible level.

    It's a physical reminder that every day
    counts for something.

    We were designed for purpose.

    Our garments are the highest of quality,
    responsibly made.

  • Innovative, yet rooted in craftsmanship,
    tailored with timeless design in mind.

    Worn in just enough for you to leave
    your own mark.

    Partner with us in confidence that
    we've respected the footsteps on our end.

    For Generations-

1% For Fatherhood

Rowan donates 1% of our proceeds to charities supporting healthy fatherhood.